Turn the Table on Turnover: Payroll Solutions for QSRs

Retaining quick-service restaurant employees is a significant hurdle—only 54% lasted 90 days before quitting in 2022.¹ This persistent turnover unquestionably disrupts your day-to-day operations and strains your HR and payroll teams. Ready to break the cycle and enhance your restaurant’s stability?


Tackling turnover starts by understanding your employees. Global Payments surveyed hundreds of restaurant workers and found they are under significant financial stress, which can impact productivity and even lead them to quit.


Join this webinar with Chris Rivero, National Sales Manager of Global Payments, and Barry Friends, a foodservice industry executive and consultant, to explore the data on restaurant workers and solutions to support your staff and fight turnover.


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  • New data on hourly restaurant workers and the challenges they face.
  • The real cost of workers’ financial stress to the bottom line.
  • Why faster and more consistent pay matters.
  • How innovative payroll solutions can help QSRs improve retention and recruitment.


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¹Restaurant Dive, January 20, 2023. Study: Only 54% of QSR employees worked 90 days before quitting in 2022.

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Turn the Table on Turnover: Payroll Solutions for QSRs
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