The Top 5 Ways 5G Boosts the Performance of Construction Businesses

In construction, 5G represents a world of untapped potential. Read on to learn how 5G can help boost the performance of construction businesses. We’ll start with some of the more straightforward improvements, before counting down to some of the more innovative and future-facing use cases.

Founded in 2003 as the UK’s pioneer 3G-only network, Three established itself as a distinctive player in the telecommunications industry. Today, Three has evolved into a connectivity powerhouse, linking people to people, people to devices, and devices to other devices, serving a customer base of 10.5 million users. Our network now blankets 99% of the UK population, handling a significant 29% share of the country’s mobile data traffic. In August 2019, Three ushered in the era of 5G connectivity, becoming the UK’s largest spectrum holder and gaining recognition from Ookla for boasting the fastest 5G network in the nation. Additionally, it stands alone as the sole operator capable of meeting the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) 2020 standard, which mandates 100MHz of contiguous spectrum for comprehensive 5G services.

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