Powering In-Season Growth, Agility & Resilience

Learn how brands and retailers are increasing agility and profitability across every channel with Centric Planning™ & Centric Visual Boards™

  • Right-size your initial allocation with AI-driven insights
  • Optimize inventory shipments and maintain NOOS products
  • Maximize sell-through with accurate demand forecasting

Retail planning goes beyond the responsibilities of the merchandising team. It involves various teams working together to ensure the seamless delivery of products to the consumer.

But how does the flow of information impact the success of your operation? What are the common challenges faced by teams involved in the retail supply chain? In this eBook, we explore these questions and provide valuable insights on overcoming these challenges.

Discover how the right tools can empower your team to meet the strategic needs of your business. Gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles faced by supply chain and operational teams and explore effective strategies to overcome them. By leveraging the power of data and utilizing the appropriate tools, you can optimize your supply chain, streamline operations, and enhance overall efficiency.

Ensure that the right products reach the right channels at the optimal time. Minimize stockouts, maximize inventory turnover, and improve order fulfilment. With our solutions, you can create a seamless flow of information and resources throughout your supply chain, enabling your team to make informed decisions and drive operational excellence.

Equip your supply chain and operational teams with the right tools and knowledge they need to overcome obstacles and achieve strategic goals. Download our eBook today and embark on a journey towards optimizing your retail supply chain.

Make better a reality.

Discover in just 60 minutes how our out-of-the-box solution can improve sell-through, optimise availability and transform your decision-making.

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