Optimizing Assortment Performance

Explore how brands and retailers are using Centric Planning™ & Centric Visual Boards™ to plan for targeted omnichannel assortment strategies.

  • Increase basket size and drive brand performance
  • Develop localized assortment strategies with visually supported decisions
  • Optimize category performance with end-to-end visibility and control

Retail planning is a crucial data-driven process that aims to meet consumer demand, optimize ROI, and maximize product margins by ensuring the right products are delivered to the right channels at the optimal price. However, the tools traditionally used in retail planning fall short in keeping up with the ever-changing consumer behavior. Spreadsheets and static display tools are no longer sufficient to tackle the complexities of today’s retail landscape.

The burden on merchandising teams is increasing, as manual tasks become more time-consuming and talent retention becomes a challenge without the right environment and tools to inspire creativity and collaboration.

Explore the common challenges faced by merchandising and buying teams in our informative eBook. We dive deep into these obstacles and provide insights on how to overcome them with the right tools. Discover how to keep pace with consumer behavior, optimize assortment strategies, and maximize your product margins.

Download our eBook today and discover how brands and retailers are maximizing profitability with Centric Planning™ and Centric Visual Boards™.

Make better a reality.

Discover in just 60 minutes how our out-of-the-box solution can improve sell-through, optimize assortments and accelerate your decision-making.

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