Evolving Customer Communications to the Cloud

While traditional CCM software is built for on-premise deployment with a perpetual license model, a new generation of CCM solutions is emerging. Enter the era of cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CCM that replaces perpetual licenses with a subscription-based model. Whether you’re considering introducing CCM to your tech stack or are looking to move from an on-premise solution to SaaS, it’s critical to assess your options and identify the deployment approach that’s best for your business and customer experience goals. 


Download the white paper for answers to all of your cloud SaaS CCM questions, including:

  • Top benefits and key considerations of migrating to a cloud SaaS solution
  • If a cloud-based SaaS solution is right for your current stage of CCM maturity
  • How cloud SaaS differs from other cloud architectures, and which is right for you
  • What the migration process looks like, associated costs, and timeframe
  • Whether cloud SaaS offers the performance and scale to handle future growth 
  • Bonus! – Checklist to help plan your cloud migration journey


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Evolving Customer Communications to the Cloud

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