Critical Customer Experience Investme

The pandemic increased the value of 1:1 connection more than ever before. Customers now expect the human element to be integrated into every stage of the customer experience, and the consequences of not delivering are significant. According to PwC, one in three customers will walk away from a brand after just one poor experience.


Despite these elevated expectations, many businesses are managing their customer experience with legacy systems and patchwork solutions that aren’t built for an omnichannel, 1:1 world—until now. After years of delaying customer experience initiatives, we are seeing businesses make large-scale investments across the board. Global spending on customer experience (CX) is expected to reach $641B in 2022, and the U.S. CX industry is expected to grow 15% annually from now to 2028. While the past two years were focused on the deployment of reactionary solutions, 2022 is about future-fitting your organization with holistic solutions built to deliver lasting transformation. 


Uncover the five investments needed to integrate human-centric interactions into your customer experience.

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Critical Customer Experience Investme

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