Generative AI: Transforming Industries at AWS Energy Symposium 2023

Dive into the world of generative AI and its groundbreaking potential in the AWS Energy Symposium 2023 video. Led by Bill Vass, Vice President of Engineering at AWS, this captivating session explores the revolutionary capabilities of generative AI. With billions of parameters and the scalability of the cloud, generative AI can create dense and sophisticated models that predict and generate output based on prompts, transforming industries at an unprecedented pace.


Witness how generative AI is redefining the boundaries of technology, reminiscent of the rapid advancements witnessed during the early days of the internet. Bill Vass, an experienced figure in the energy industry, delves into the power of generative AI and its ability to unleash emergent behaviors and reinvent various domains. Discover how AWS is leveraging its expertise in machine learning to democratize compute and make generative AI accessible to all. Join the AWS Energy Symposium 2023 and unlock the transformative potential of generative AI in the energy sector and beyond.

AWS Energy Symposium 2023 - Bill Vass - GenAI
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