4 Ways XDR Levels Up Security Programs

Without the time, resources, or better technology to do it all, you make trade-offs every day when it comes to the cybersecurity of your organisation. This creates opportunities for attackers to get in.

A whopping 83% of organisations are increasing their threat detection and response budgets, 29% admit to “blind spots,” 29% need to decrease time to recovery, and 27% want help knowing which threats to prioritise.

This is where XDR (Extended Detection and Response) comes in with the answers. It aggregates threat detection and response across multiple controls, bringing multiple sources of telemetry into a single view. By unifying relevant security data from across your modern environment to detect real attacks, you get high context, actionable insights and can extinguish threats fast.

Download this eBook to ubciver the different ways XDR can level up your security and better prepare your organisation against cyber attacks.

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